Timeless Life Lessons
For A Successful Finish

Special Highlights

Dr. Mark McLaughlin, MD, FACS
Princeton Brain & Spine Care

"Dear Steve, I just watched your DVD on financial literacy that you sent me last year! It‘s never too late to do the right thing. Congradulations on an excellent job. I am giving your DVD to my kids to watch. There are some great lessons packed in those talks! This is an outstanding video. "

Joe Anzur
Freshman, Wharton School of Business

".. when watching the short documentory it was very interesting how such simple actions and choices could have such a long-lasting effect. However, after the completion of my first semister at Wharton, these general concepts became extremely important." – Joe

Highlights From Student Letters

Trickum Elementary

"I really liked how you presented yourself and kept us entertained the entire time. No one has done that before!" – Steven

"Let me tell you about my parent’s reaction. As soon as I got home, they were ‘piercing’ me with questions. I was like, Jeez, here watch this. Then I put in your DVD and it answered all their questions, like magic, or was it 401k magic?" :) Felina

"My dad was really interested in it. He couldn’t stop watching it, even when it was time to go to work." – Yachateil

"The most important thing I’ve heard adults say is ‘be happy in life’ but I never understood that until you came to our school." –; Spencer

"It showed that you don’t need a huge job or famous relatives, you just need to have a dream and follow it with passion." – Braden

"You helped open my mind." –; Mathew

"I think your life is perfect and taking time out of your perfect life shows how much you care in sharing your knowledge." – Alisha

"You have made the speech my mom gives all the time a whole lot clearer." – Michael

"Some of us are still thinking about things you said the day you came to school." – Kevin

"It was interesting to hear a different perspective about how to live well other than my parents same old opinions. Your talk was an eye opening experience for me. Dreams are the roots of goals that help dreams become reality." –; Eleanor

"I adored learning about how many seconds in a day there are, I never knew that it was interesting." – Rosemary

"If it were up to me I would have you come every day because that speech is very intriguing." – Christopher

"I want you to know you are a role model of mine for the rest of my life." – Jacob

"I think your presentation helped us realize that ‘Hey, we can achieve our dreams if we spend every second of our life working for it.’ I also think this helped inspire a lot of us to pursue our dream, because you’re someone-who we‘ve actually talked to– who got their dream, and that showed a lot of us that we can do it too. Thank you again for coming and I know I’ll remember you for a long time." – Mohona

"Your inspiring words made me pick the right decisions in my life. Without them I would be playing video games all over the weekends." – Kyle

"When you first started the presentation it made me feel more confident in myself." – Vijay

Penn Treaty School

"You helped me learn that you have to dream that I have to dream to achieve. Now I am not scared to share my dreams with my parents and they won’t laugh at me. Before they saw your video they use to laugh at me to want to be a veterinarian and now they don’t." Thanks, Sincerely, Melanie

"Thank you for making me believe in my dreams again." – Sincerely, Lee

"I am glad you taught me how to make my dreams come true. Close my eyes and say what I want to be. You taught me how to day dream." I thank you, Mathew

"I liked your stories because I liked how the people that were nobody became somebody." – Sincerely, Dan

"After you left I felt better about my future!" – Marilyn

" never knew that you could start the journey to becoming a millionaire at such a young age." – Viktoriya

" I love the part when you tells us to dream because when I dreamed I felt like it was right in front of me, I felt like catching it !" – Danielle

"You’re rich because you went to school, and that kinda encouraged me to go to school and improve my grades." – Kayla

"After your visit I felt like I am going to keep on trying to go for my dream. I all ways use to give up on my dreams now I am sticking with only one." – John

"Now I know to get up and work hard." – Luis

"Thank you again because if you would have never came. I would of never known what to do." – Hector

"You taught me how to dream. I had never dreamed of a dream. I had awake." – Javier

"Before you came I didn’t really know what some posibilitys I have with my life. Now I have a dream and I’am going to follow my dream." – Ryan

"I will become a great manufacturer." – Daniel

"I really felt good after your presentation knowing that if you do the right things you can have a great future." – Cayla

"Thank you for your presentation it changed my life." – Isaiah

Mill Creek Elementary School

"You made me thing about my dreams and life at a way I didn‘t know I could see them." – Catherine

"I will always remember and remember what you taught us. I will always do the right thing and never give up because you made a difference in my life." – Gerry

"I will remember your words throughout my life long journey." – Lin

"I really appreciate your presentation to show all of the sixth grade what is right from wrong." – Aleksa

"I think this experience really helped me set and plan a goal for my life. You helped me set a goal and taught me how to pursue it." – Matt

"I learned that if you have a dream don‘t let anyone tell you can’t do it." – Amanda

"I thank you for one of the most important lessons of my life, the way to be rich and happy at the same time." – Ryan

"Thank you again for teaching me and everyone else, what we can do with our future to make it right." – Steven

"You have taught me to never give up on my dream no matter how extraordinary it is. If I have a tough time I will always remember your presentation." – Emily

"I learned from you that with perseverance you can achieve anything." – Kyle

"You really taught me what I should do and not do!" – Jared

"I really appreciate you coming to our school and teaching us what you have learned throughout your life." – Nolan

"Your presentation was one of the best I have seen so far. You have helped many people reach their goals and no doubt your advice will help me reach mine." – David

"I have been taught a lot, but the knowledge you gave me is priceless." – Maya

"I want to follow your advice and sell my Halloween candy to my mom who loves candy." – Jake

"You are the first speaker that I actually paid attention too because I wanted to." – Veronica

"After your speech and lessons I realized what my life could be like if I made the right choice or the bad choice. I will from here out make the right choice." – Jack

"You inspired me a great deal! You inspired me to try harder and have a dream. It was a great honor to have you at my school. Thank you so much for inspiring me and being my hero." – Kasey

Groveland Elementary School

"The knowledge you have shared with and every one of us will last forever, because knowledge is the greatest gift one could receive." Yasbelle

"I learned that you should never give up, always believe in yourself, no matter what others say, and chase your dream, never quit trying." Aviora

"It is such a selfless gift to give your knowledge about money, time and life itself. I have often thought about the shortness of the days and years and life, and your presentation spelled it all out." Michael

"I loved how you came in with tons of enthusiasm to teach and inspire us. Thanks for sharing your story on how you became a millionaire but also thanks for showing me how to never stop believing in my dream." Jack

"The number one most important thing you taught me was that when you are wealthy, you don’t only want to be rich in money, you need to be rich in love." Wylie

"I absolutely loved how you incorporated kids into your presentation. I also liked your stories of how ordinary people with any idea became millionaires." Tarin

"You taught me not to spend money stupidly." Aubri

"You are a positive role model for me and all the others that you have taught. I will always remember you." Will

"The presentation taught me anything is possible if you just believe in yourself." Lynn

"The stories also taught us that we can start small and dream big. Go the extra mile in life because you never know where it will take you." Meghan

"You were awesome. You were the best presenter ever." Josh

"Your devotion to teach kids what you were taught when you were a kid is not something many people do, but giving us the chance to do so is something that I appreciate more than you could ever expect." Heather

"There were a lot of things I liked about you. First if you don’t have a good life you have the power to change that, to believe in yourself or else your dreams won’t come true." Connor

"I was impressed that in only an hour I could learn so much from you. First, I learned to never give up. If you have a dream go for it and if you work for it you can always succeed." Kirsten

"I think it is wonderful that you go around to schools and teach children your life story and view of life. I hope everyone will take your presentation and everything you taught us with them through middle and high school. I hope that they do because they will know that the sky is the limit and you can do anything you set your mind too." Cheyanne

"Personally, I think this quote should be published: ‘We are ALL rich, not with money, with our 24 hours in a day’." Emily

"I look to you as a role model now that I know who you are. Someday I wish to be like you, traveling the world and helping people. One thing I loved was – it was more like a story of your life; it wasn’t some bogus catch phrase from a cheap pamphlet about Hopes and dreams. It was entirely true." Izzy

"I want you to know that this letter is not just another hug from the kids you never had but it’s a hug from the kid you never had that looks up to you." Peyton

"Your life lessons showed me that I can be an influence to others and be a person who can inflict change in the world. Thank you so much for teaching me all the things that you learned over the years." Mary

"I can’t describe what it meant to have you teach us how to conquer our dreams." Patrick

"Now when I am about to go watch TV instead of studying, I stop myself and study instead because I remember your speech and remember that to get my dream I have to do good in school. Thank you for teaching me and my classmates life skills we will use are entire life." Charlie

"When you made us calculate how much smoking, drinking, candy, soda, and drugs cost, I was blown away. I will never look and candy and soda the same way ever again. You showed me a wonderful path to success and to a better future." Kaylee

"What I learned in an hour, will impact my entire life. You impacted my thinking and how I am going to live my life." Audrey

"I have taken in what you said and treasured it." Cassidy

"I will watch your video after a hard day where my dream seems impossible, as if I could never make my dream come true, to gain self confidents and believe. You made me believe that dreams will never be impossible, no matter what people say." Dayna

Union Middle School

"I have problems at home with my parents being divorced, my brother moving out, my other brother in the Air Force, my sister in college, a step dad I don’t like, and my family is falling apart. Those stories helped me believe that I can still have a future even though I have family issues right now." – Aspen

"I truly sincerely thank you for a life changing speech." – Carolyn

"I loved your presentation, you just saved my life on bad decisions I could have made. I am grateful for you showing me the right thing to do." – Alex

"I think you seriously knocked some sense into us. I appreciate your appearance." – Dyna

"You are so good to listen to." – Shane

"I learned that you can be poor and not have much money and still go to college and follow your dreams. You made me realize that I want to go to college and be a teacher or a pediotrition." – Kenzie

"Thank you for showing us that any person no matter where they come from or who they are, we can all become millionaires." – Adriane

"I watch your video almost every day." – Keegan

"You helped me start my own lawn mowing business by saving $100 a month." – Ry

"Thanks for that advice about life. Now I know what to do in the years to come. I will follow every step you have taught us." – Mathew

"You’re right everyone does get the same amount of time to make their life great. You did a really good job and you actually weren’t boring, you were fun and funny!" – Megan

"Your speech inspired me to believe in myself and to take my life more seriously. You also taught me to dream and start planning." – Nick

"If you try hard you can achieve your dream. I see that happened to you. I believe that if you set your mind to it you can achieve anything too." – Sydney

"I greatly thank you for coming and giving us what I refer to as financial gold." – Hannah

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